Thursday, September 22, 2011

CMYK quilt

bryan asked me to make him a CMYK quilt. can you say nerd?

for those of you who don't know. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (or black.) i chose to use gray instead of black. it is a color model used for color printing documents.

he also requested that it be long enough that he could pull it over his head with his arms straight and it would still cover his feet. he's a pretty tall guy, so we figured that we would need it to be 9' + long. i decided to make it the dimensions of a tall queen sized quilt. 

anyway, i started this little number a while back, slowly collecting the kona cotton that i would need. it was a  quilt that i didn't feel a deadline for, so i worked on it here and there. i had hoped that it would be done for fathers' day, but no dice. he just had to wait for his gift this year. i finally finished it a couple of weeks ago. and i am really happy with it.

i decided to make it the same on the front as it is in the back. i also decided that since it was to be enormous, i would make it a very simple pattern. i did 9 strips of 13" X 60" and sewed them in this order (white, cyan, white, magenta, white, yellow, white, gray, white.) i bound quilted it with pearl cotton and bound it with white kona. all i can say is i love my husband:) and i'm glad it's done. he's already requesting another quilt out of his old t-shirts. i need to decide if i love him THAT much... ha ha! maybe in a few years.

i am thinking my next quilt will be one for our bed. i just put it on the bed for pictures and i really think our current bedspread needs an update. that or a quilt just for me.

here it is.




    I was picturing something pretty nerdy, but that's just darling. You're SO clever.

  2. I love this! Which Kona did you use for the magenta color? Kona's "magenta" definitely is on the purple side...


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