Wednesday, September 28, 2011


penelope got married to a neighbor boy in a flurry of rose petals the other day.

i wasn't invited, but who wants their mom at their wedding anyway?

she'd told me several times that this little boy was going to marry her and i guess she wasn't fibbing.

it's all a little too cute to handle.

other tid bits on penelope:
she still loves to dress herself and pick out her clothes
she's a huge girly girl (maybe this is just a phase?)
her favorite color is pink
she's a loving big sister
she's pretty NOT cute (isla is cute)
she's obsessed with english muffins and pita chips (which she calls peter chips)
she likes to cook and clean with mom
she has a vivid imagination and cal play for hours with her dolls and babies
she's getting too old and it must stop
she will be a fairy for halloween (we talked her down from being a pink princess (avoided that one for another year... whew)

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  1. This reminds me of when my sister Emily and your brother Phillip got "married" when they were about four. Emily wore her purple blankie as a veil. :)


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