Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i love this guy

first, i want to thank you for the kind comments on p's quilt. it was quite an adventure for me. the backside of the quilt is the old front side, but i made some mistakes in color choice and it really didn't look very good. i tried to save it and i only made it worse. so i decided to use it as the back... ha ha! i don't like to waste. 

second, i want to say sorry for my absence. i have felt a little scatter brained lately and i think that my blog has taken backseat to other things. i have, however, been doing a lot of experimenting with new products-yay! i have started a few new projects - yikes! and finished a few-whoot! penelope and i have had some good adventures in valentining (coming soon.) anyway, i have a lot that i am excited to share.

third, yesterday was bry & my wedding anniversary! we had a great day. i really do love this guy. we've had our ups and our downs throughout our marriage, just like any couple, but the downs make the ups so much better. the journey has been so much more worth it with him at my side.

yesterday i had to go to the dmv to replace the sticker that was stolen off of my license i was a little grumpy about that. bryan made it better by getting off work a little early & bringing me flowers-thanks sweety. we took p to childrens' pool in la jolla to do some seal watching. it is lovely there in the late afternoon. when we got home we made dinner and it was amazing. we did rosemary & lemon game hens, roasted potatoes, cornbread and fruit. bryan let me have lava cakes for dessert (my weakness) he likes them, but probably would rather do something without chocolate. after we put the little miss to bed, we watched a movie. i loved it. 

cheers to the future!

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  1. love this post :) super cute clips for v day. i'm all pysched for its arrival too and after that it's my anniversary. inspired by your celebrating. thanks :)


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