Tuesday, February 22, 2011

she sails! hopefully...

bryan is pretty much obsessed with sailing at this point. his greatest dream is to sail to tahiti (he served an LDS mission in tahiti and fell in love.) this is a dream we do not share. he knows that if he takes this journey i will not accompany him. months and months on the wide open sea on a smallish boat does not appeal to me. also, there is a very good chance that we might....well... die. his current retirement plan is to buy a sail boat and live on it. another dream that i do not share :). i love you honey, but we need to discuss these plans.

i do, however, think it is super awesome that he wants to learn how to sail and i would totally be on board with smallish sailing trips at some point. we are thinking about getting him into some sort of sailing class, but until then he is going to play around with small model sail boats. i mentioned that while we were in UT for christmas, bryan built a boat. i finally got around to making the sails for it and he got them all set up a few days ago. it is his first attempt and we haven't taken it out and tested it, but i think it looks pretty sweet. i will let you know when she takes her maiden voyage and if, in fact, she does sail.

the above 2 pictures are of the riggings that control the sails. 

all photos by bryan

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  1. She's a beautiful vessel, with those crisp white sails!! I hope she's seaworthy!!

    Plus, I love your sailboat holder!! ;-)


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