Friday, January 28, 2011

all done

penelope's room is far from completed and we've been here for over a year... but i did finish her quilt, which i've been working on for almost the whole time we've lived here.  can i hear a whoot whoot? i am hoping to have penelope's room all pretty for when the baby comes. we will see if that works out.

i've been trying to clear out all of my half finished projects, before i start a whole slew of baby projects. i am really happy with the quilt. i machine quilted it and before i machine quilt another quilt i want a walker foot for miss bernina.  there are a few puckers on the backside of the quilt that i gave up on fixing and decided weren't a big deal.

penelope likes it, but it will never replace her "b" which is what she calls her bff and blanket that my grandmother made her.


  1. oh my goodness! what a GORGEOUS quilt!! i love it. the fabrics you chose are so happy and colorful. :)

  2. It is so cute Emily!
    I so want a walking foot too, I have only ever quilted quilts with a darning foot, so I haven't tries straight lines, I am too worried about the puckering.

  3. I LOVE it- the fabrics are beautiful!!! I am going to try my first quilt soon:)

  4. Gorgeous, Emily. Congratulations!!


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