Monday, February 28, 2011

oh baby: 30 weeks big

i made it to 30 weeks! i guess i am not that surprised that i made it, but how fast it came is quite alarming. i still have a lot to do before baby sparks' arrival and so i am glad that i can finish things up at a good pace. i am hoping to be 100% ready by 38 weeks and then just relax for however many days/weeks that she decides to chill out in my belly.

this baby has been extremely active at ALL times of day. i thought penelope was an active baby, but this one has her beat for sure. it feels a little like she's boxing with herself for a few hours and then while she rests, she get the hiccups. it is really fun. if penny lays her head on my belly the baby will kick it without fail.
the picture above is one i took at a shower i helped throw. i will post about that tomorrow, hopefully. there are more belly pictures with my 2 pregnant friends...get excited.

other notes:

-i get super moody when i don't eat for long periods of time.
-my left foot cramps up every few hours and it's a really bad situation if i am driving.
-i finished the baby's quilt and coming home outfit. i am really excited to show them to you, i just need to snap the pics.
-i am grateful to living in CA during citrus season...yummy.
-i am grateful for in and out, although i think that my post baby waistline won't.
-i am grateful that bryan loves to run and play around with p. because i am just not the tent/fort-maker that he is.
-i am grateful to live in CA where i can take p to the playground everyday through the winter...unless it rains. 
-i miss my family in UT


  1. I'm 30 weeks, too! I was completely caught off-gaurd today when the woman at the JoAnn's cutting counter asked how much longer I had. 10 weeks sounds SO short! I'm slowly but surely getting things ticked off my to-do list. We don't have In n Out, but Krispy Kreme has been doing me in!

    Have a happy, healthy, productive next 10 weeks! :)

  2. Hi Emily!

    This was such a cute shower- and you all did such a great job! It was nice to meet you all!


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