Wednesday, February 23, 2011

maritime museum

it is museum month in san diego. this means that most all museums in the area are 1/2 off.  we decided to take advantage of this and go to a museum on saturday. if you live in SD you should take advantage of this too! all you need to do is pick up a packet at any macy's cash register.we were going to go to the natural history museum; but after i told bryan that our friends the pugmires had gone to the maritime museum, he wanted to do that instead (refer to my last post.) i think we will try to go to the natural history museum next saturday.

the museum was really fun and had a lot of sail boats, subs and other ships-check out their website. we learned how a steam engine works, how ships and brigs used their sails and that the US submarine would have been much nice to live in than the russian one. penelope was keeping her eyes out for pirates the whole time and she even got to see some, as there was a halloween costume photo shoot on one of the vessels. the sexy pirate girls waved at her and she thought that was pretty much the best.

look how good we are at taking pictures of ourselves...are you jealous?

the russian sub

the US sub 

passenger area of steam farrey Berkley

HMS surprise... this is the one with the "pirates."

the star of india


  1. I've been to that museum, and it's pretty much the coolest place ever!! Did you see all the knots? I love that place!!

  2. I want to take Josh there!!!! So cool:)

    (I just wanted you to know I gave you a lil' shout out over at cause I LOVE that quilt you made a few post back!)

  3. i love museum trips! looks like you guys had a great time. i'm totally jealous!


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