Friday, February 11, 2011

last weekend and a baby update

well now that it's been a week, i figure i should share a few pictures from our weekend. bryan and i got a weekend away in cardiff-by-the-sea. penelope was being tended by anna and justin (or if you ask p, having a sleepover with her cousins.) we are so blessed to have family near so that we can enjoy a little weekend away for our anniversary.

we stayed at a nice b&b thanks to a great deal on groupon. we got a lot of rest, ate sea food, went to 2 movies, walked on the beach & around the self realization fellowship hermitage & meditation gardens. it was lovely.

from the roof at the lodge at cardiff-by-the-sea (we meant to capture the ocean in the BG, not the lovely parking lot of the building behind...)

 pics from SRF gardens

here i am last week at 27 weeks

BABY UPDATE: i went in to dr. b yesterday for my 28 week appointment. i had and ultrasound and baby sparks is doing great. i even got another cute picture of her profile.

i had my blood glucose screening done as well. the good news on that matter is that i do not have gestational diabetes! yay! i do have a number of other blood related issues. i am anemic (which i've been since day 1,) i have a low platelet count and large blood cells (which could be indicative of low b12 or folic acid.) we will retest again in a few weeks.

  i am trying not to get worried about it. i am going to keep up on my vitamins and supplements and try to eat better. i am hoping that these things have worked themselves out by my next appointment.

p.s. i started baby's quilt! and her coming home outfit... yay!



  1. You look so cute! I can't wait to see the next beautiful baby you two will make. Love your blog, and glad I found it!

  2. Em! You look so stinkin' cute. Glad you and Bry could get away, that's always fun.

  3. Looks like you guys had fun, and what a cute pregnant lady you are!
    I have been told that when taking vitamins, only take ones that come from a whole food source. If they do not come from a whole food source, they basically go straight through your body. I have to take Vitamin D and I never noticed a difference taking it until I switched to one that was from whole foods. Your body knows better how to process it.


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