Friday, February 18, 2011

french macaroon's: TAKE ONE

my first attempt at french macaroons was a couple of weeks ago. i plan to do it again...but here's the news. blanching and grinding almonds is a PAIN! i don't know that the actual result is worth the time it takes to make the almond flour. i made extra, so i am going to give these a few more tries. i made these ones vanilla and used nutella for the filling! YUM! p and i ate them as a little afternoon snack.

here's the recipe i used, thanks martha. it's really easy and way more simple than some of the recipes i can across during my research. i used a mini ice cream scoop to shape them. next time i will pipe them with my frosting tube as recommended. i think they would turn out prettier.

i hope you all have a great weekend. tonight we have a family pizza & movie night planned and hopefully we'll hit up the natural history museum in the morning.

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