Monday, August 9, 2010

our trip to the home land

yesterday i went to the beach with my favorite little girl. we picked up shells and caught some waves. it feels good to be back home in sunny san diego.

our trip to utah was fun. it was very good to see family again and just relax. we spent the first 2 days with my family. we went swimming, watched movies and even got to hit up spark. yum.

here is the trip in pictures:

on the road

the grandparents

a wedding

kyle and kelsey
married august 4, 2010
salt lake city

bryan with his dad

steph and kirk

tanya, nelson and graham

steph and graham

the yummm.

what i wore...the clip i got from ruby at the renegade

elastic waist skirt with bowed sash and a white shirt that i stained a while back and finally found a way to keep wearing (embellished with tulle and knit.)

p with her daddy

tami & kyle

tanner & p

hanging out with grandpa

congrats to the new lemmon family

a birthday

bryan turned 27. happy birthday bryan. I LOVE YOU!

hot stuff

a new baby

bryan's step sister krystal and her husband aaron had their 3rd baby the day before the wedding and we were able to stop and say hello on our way out of town.

mary jane booties i made for adelia mae

unfortunately i didn't bring my camera in when we went to see our newest first niece. so i pulled the following off of krystal's blog.

adelia mae swan
august 3, 2010

krystal and the baby were doing well and were in good spirits. i just love holding new babies. it was the prefect end to our utah experience.


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  1. your outfit is perfect i love the clip + the skirt.


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