Wednesday, August 18, 2010

with the boys

as previously mentioned my brothers phil and zach came to visit last week. on wednesday phil came with penelope and me to the san diego zoo while zach went to disneyland with justin and anna. we saw the seal show, rode the skyfari, saw the pandas and many other animals. it was good to have some time to chat with my little bro.

we went to phil's bbq with phil and zach. they didn't give phil a discount for being a phil, but they did give us the best barbeque i have EVER had. we ordered baby back ribs, el toro sandwiches, onion rings, and fries. i would recommend any of these items, but the sandwich is what i will order every time we go brave their long lines and eat there. if you want to hit it up, but avoid the lines, then call in your order.


that night we went to PB, did a little shopping and walked crystal pier. it was a good day.

thank you to my brothers for making the trip out to visit!



  1. That's so great that they could come visit! Looks like you all had a great time! I'm going to go fix something BBQ for dinner now...

  2. Look at those handsome boys! We def will have to hit up Phils sometime when we come down...mmmmm mmm!


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