Saturday, August 21, 2010

nathan...the one year-old

wow! what a week. we played catch up this week and i attacked the mountain of laundry that accumulated while our guests were in town. i feel like things are getting back to normal, which is great. i am going to try to get back to work on penelope's quilt for her bed. penelope switched to a twin sized bed at the beginning of april. i had hoped to have the quilt done shortly after that, no dice. i think for the next 2 weeks i will be working on that and trying to get p's room all cute and stuff. today bryan and i are resuming our car search..which was put on hold for awhile. i really don't like car searching, but i am feeling great...maybe a bit sore from our surfing adventure (more on that on monday.) i hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

here are a few pictures i took of nathan white when they came up last week. i think he is so cute. he turned 1 on August 7. happy late birthday baby nathan.

ps do you recognize the ball in the first picture?


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