Friday, August 27, 2010

cookie monsters

we finally got around to trying cookies from the cravory (410 degrees.) these cookies have been getting RAVE reviews all over the place. they sell at a couple of sunday farmers markets and then do mail orders. it's been hard getting my hands on them, because i don't shop on sundays. well guess what?!? the deli llama in hillcrest is now selling them. p and i meandered down and bought a handful. we tried the chocolate chip, birthday cake and red velvet. they definitely lived up to the hype. bryan, p and i give them 2 thumbs up (we are definitely cookie monsters) and i am excited about sampling more of their unique flavors in the future.



  1. emily...
    i just found your etsy shop... wow...
    adore all your creations...
    which then led me to your blog...
    where my mouth is now open!
    sooooo pretty!
    i LOVE the feel of your spot!
    so fun & fresh!
    i had to say hi...
    and thanks for bring a big smile to my face!

  2. i am super attached and sentimental about my car too! i love that you are. it is definitely something that is with you through the good times and the bad. hope the next one is just as fantastic.


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