Wednesday, August 11, 2010

lining them up

something in penelope's dna makes her quite orderly...she did NOT get this trait from me. when she is playing and doing her thing she tends to put things in a row. yesterday she lined all her shoes up in a row across the front room. whilst in utah she was more interested in lining up the sidewalk chalk than coloring with it.

busy at work

and this morning when i walked into her room, she'd lined up her dolls on a bookshelf in her room. what a cute little quirk.


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  1. My two year old daughter loves to line up random stuff too, playing cards, tea sets, crayons, green soldier men, curlers, kitchen utensils, condiments out of our fridge, and just about anything else she deems fit for organizing. Yup, it's a pretty cute quirk...and she didn't get it from me or her dad for that matter.


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