Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day

sorry about my absence. we had a pretty eventful week last week and we finally sold our car and are currently in the process of buying a new one. i am really glad this whole process is nearing an end. i really don't enjoy shopping for cars and i don't like pushy salesmen. i am so sad to see the audi go though. it has been a great car for us and we love her. we have driven on many snowy roads with her, we carried paintings and other large projects to and from school with her, we drove penelope home from the hospital in her, we went across the country to NYC and back in her, we've moved 4 times with her and she's kept us safe through it all. as sad as i am, it is for the best that we retire her.

i hope everyone had a splendid labor day weekend!

bryan's parents & his step bro. came into town and we got to play with them for a few days! it was a lot of fun. we went to phil's bbq again...soo delish! on saturday we went to the temple and then to sea world. we saw the shamu show, the sea lion show and blue horizons. the shows are all so fun. blue horizons was the best this time, both of the other shows were having some technical difficulties. we got wet on some of the rides and then as the sun set, the ocean breeze chilled us to the bone. we were able to tough it out through a few more exhibits and the kiddie rides, although bryan and tanner almost killed me on abby's starfish ride (like the teacup ride at disneyland.) on sunday we went to church and then went swimming in the pool. penelope got spoiled with attention and she loved every minute of it. they left monday morning :(! thank you kerry, tami and tanner for making the trip out here and playing with us.

at blue horizons

on monday afternoon we went to riverside for a bbq at justin and anna's it was a lot of fun and the food was yum! the kids played in their backyard pool and at their community playground. it was a nice and kickback labor day...which is the best kind of labor day.

we are starting potty training with penelope to day! yikes! i think she is ready and we are trying to get her excited for it. i am planning on not leaving the house this week, we may make a jont to the library for 20-30 min, but i am going to play it by ear. hopefully i will be more regular with the blogging because of this, we shall see.

ps i noticed that we are getting close to 100 followers! i am super excited about this and i will definitely be planning a good giveaway once we reach 100.


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