Friday, April 30, 2010

this week

1 - p has been pretending a lot lately. she found a little cupcake shaped picture frame and was pretending to take bites and would nod and say, "mmmm, cupcake!" i thought i would make her a few crocheted cupcakes and here is the first:

2 - we went to the zoo with ashlee and her boys. it was a great trip. we saw the african section of the zoo...we usually don't wander over there, so it was fun & we rode the skyfari (ski lift from the back of the zoo to the front & front to back) for the 1st time.

photos by ashlee miller

3 - i framed our diplomas. i think it is cool that we both got bfa degrees from the same school-our tassels our the same color and everything mine "07" & his "09."

4 - last night i made these pizzas from the family favorite recipes blog recipe here. i have been wanting to make them for a while & when i saw there was a sale on the domestic feta at Henry's market, so i thought it would be a good week to thy 'em out. they were so yummy! we used our indoor grill, because i was in the middle of a big project on out balcony & the grill was inaccessible. bryan wanted a pepperoni one, so we did one pepperoni for him.

grilled pesto pizzas

5- i have been busy trying to figure out my display for the queen bee market. i left most of my display items in utah when we moved, so i am trying to figure something out that is new & fun. ashlee has been VERY helpful. thank you! hope to see some of you there tomorrow:)! i have also begun the making for the renegade.



  1. I love when kids start pretending. It's so fun to see what they come up with.

  2. I love that crocheted cupcakes! You are so creative. How adorable.

  3. Do you never stop?! Crocheted cupcakes? Fun!!! The zoo was fun and pure chaos as usual! :)


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