Monday, April 26, 2010

weekend update...1600+ miles driven

i forgot to mention that we were planning a trip back to utah! well we were and we just got back. we decided that it would be cool for bryan to see his teachers and walk at graduation with his graduating class. go BYU ID!

bryan insisted that we take his car, a 2000 ford focus that has been totaled 3 times and we are still driving it. it has 1 operating window, the fan is broken (so no a/c or heat or air of any kind,) & it is a stick shift (so i can't really drive it.)

we left san diego on tuesday night and drove to primm, nv. we got to stay in a very classy hotel/casino called buffalo bills...very classy.

we arrived in provo on wednesday night. the drive on wednesday was pretty rainy and we were really happy to be out of the rain & the car. every time we decide to drive a long distance, it rains & it rains hard (ei. our trip out to NYC last summer, our trip to find and apartment in december.)

megan wanted me to help her make some flower hair clips, so we did a robert's run and bought supplies and threw some together.

i took bryan to one of our favorites spark in downtown provo on thursday, we picked up the cap and gown, and then bryan wanted to get the car's tired rotated and balanced. the brakes were also acting really weird i guess we needed to have some serious work done on the left axle...
of course we did! we were lucky enough to find a garage that was cheap, do good work and work at night. we dropped the car off at 7pm and picked it up at 10pm. we really lucked out on that and we were really glad it didn't die on the way home.

to make ourslves feel better we ate these:

on friday we got to wake up at 6am..happy face. bryan's graduation was at 8am and bry needed to get in line at 7am. it was rainy and cold. i didn't pack for rainy and cold, but i should know taking a spring trip to UT pack for every kind of weather!

bryan's graduation convocation was awesome. the keynote speaker was funny and interesting and the whole thing was quite short. i can't tell you how proud i am of bryan.

after the graduation we took like 1 picture and then ran to the cars...ooh and we grabbed a delicious cinnimon roll and byu chocolate milk on the way to the car. yum!

we ate breakfast with krystal, aaron, their boys & tami & kerry. it was a lot of fun to hang out and talk. p loved playing with her cousins.

we then drove up to hooper to have a pizza partay with the sparks, strong, hilton & lemmon crowd. did you know pizza is my favorite food?!?! i know i sound like a 1st grader when i say that.

baby graham is getting so big!

we came back to p-town on saturday afternoon and enjoyed an evening with the whites. they made bryan's favorite...lamb and magleby's chocolate cake.

it was a short and sweet visit.

we left early on sunday. it was a BEAUTIFUL day. if only we had A/C. we were all sweating like we'd run a marathon and we were stuck in stand still traffic in LV for 1 +hr. when the sun set life was SO much better. we pulled into our little apartment at 11 last night.

p in the car. she was such a good little passenger.



  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Minus the car ride:)

  2. Too bad we didn't get to see you! But I'm so glad you guys were able to come for that special occasion!! And glad you made it back and forth with your vehicle in one piece--I remember those days all too well!!!

  3. Love the Penny Pics and glad you are back! Did you bring any cookies back form the Sweet Tooth Fairy? You would be my very best friend...

  4. Aww she does look like a sweet lil' passenger! Sounds like a nice road trip -especially the part about the cinnimon roll & chocolate milk:) Yum-

  5. people might think you meant "BYU Idaho" instead of BYU Industrial Design when you said Go BYU ID! That's the first thing I thought of, hehe. Looks like it was a blast! CONGRATS BRYAN!


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