Saturday, April 10, 2010

catching up on photos

we have had a very eventful couple of weeks. i can't help but feel really blessed, we have a beautiful daughter, bryan has a good job, we have a roof over our heads AND we have amazing family members. thank you to all our loved ones:) !

here is a pic of the easter egg hunt we had with p. it was sooo fun. p really liked finding eggs and when she realized they had candy inside she tried to run away and eat it as fast as she could... we usually don't let her have a lot of candy, so she thought we were going to take it away if she didn't eat it. it was a bit funny.

we hit up the wild animal park. it was PACKED. spring break is off the heezy in san diego. anyway, we saw a great number of wild animals and enjoyed our stay (minus the lines.) i think we will be heading back to see the butterflies, because we missed that exhibit and we hear it is super cool.

we had my parents & my little seester visit from UT for their spring break. it was great to see them again and have a little fun with them. we started out the partying at disney land! it was my first time going and it was a blast. it was VERY exhausting, but we really had a great time there and are looking forward to hitting up california adventure as part of our two fer deal.

tea cups


p with papa white

my bro justin and his son josh in front of "the happy clock" (one of joshua's favorite things on earth.)

grandma white and p

we drove from anaheim on the 7th, p's birthday. we threw together a little low key party for her. it was nice and penelope made away with some great things.

p in her mommy-made birthday dress

i pre-made these cupcakes, froze them and refrigerated the frosting. it was super easy...not super impressive, but they did taste yummy!

i made some yummy ham and cheese sliders. recipe here.

and some other yummies.

ready to open gifts.

thank you grandma and grandpa white for the dolly, dolly stroller & clothes.

thank you grandma and grandpa sparks for UP and the swimming gear (we already tried out the floaties and they are great!)

her favorite movie at the moment...wall-e
we got her this classic radio flyer trike in awesome condition off of craigslist.
we picked her up these charley harper alphabet flash cards. they are probably more for me than p...

that's all for now folks.


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