Friday, April 16, 2010

shop update.

i know i have already shown you all of these items, but i thought i would do a little preview of my spring/summer goods that are now up in the shop & will be making an appearance at the summer shows i will be a part of.

slate blooming headband

i have posted a few more colors of the blooming headband in the shop.

all blue cluster band
sunshine cluster band

cluster clips in pink, sea, citrus & violet

i took these pictures with a timer (i am too shy to ask anyone to model for me) it was tricky and tedious, BUT really fun. maybe by my next set of product photos i will have some san diegans willing to model for me.

have a GREAT weekend! xoxo e


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  1. Very nice- pretty momma, you make a great model:)

    I Love the cluster bands!


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