Thursday, April 15, 2010

all blue

here is the elastic waist skirt i made for myself from susan's tutorial. remember the one i made for p for v-day! i am still in love with it and i thought i should get around to making one for myself. i tore apart a dress i had tried to make myself last year from the book weekend sewing by heather ross and ended up like a TENT and i never wore it! this is how it was supposed to look:

anyway, i just cut off the top half and made the bottom half into this skirt.

the girls from the blog lullaby lubbock dyed the elastic for their skirts and they turned out ADORABLE, so i think i might try that next. i already have the dye...whooot!

i have also been making some of these hair clips for my upcoming shows! what do you think?

i used another one of susan's tutorials, the pillowcase dress tutorial, to make p a shirt. i had to cut the case down quite a bit in both directions, but i think it is super cute. i am also using this tutorial to make p some nightgowns for the warm summer seems that p's doll is quite flexible...


  1. oh cute! i made that same skirt from susan's blog too... so easy! and your bow is killer. :)

  2. love the bow! love all the bows. i am def going to look at your shop. and love the headbands! love it all! thanks also for the link!!


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