Friday, April 2, 2010

yesterday's happenings and miss p's stitches

the day started off great! i picked up p's birthday present and then we went to a really great puppet show in balboa park. it was an easter show and it was super cute. we went with ashlee, elizabeth and their kiddos. p loved it and was really cute when she was trying to figure out where the rabbit went when he left the scene.

we then went to t deli for some yum. i got a turkey sandwich with a cup of fruit and ashlee got a panini with a smoothie. the sandwich was soooo good and the frui
t tasted great. i would definitely come here again.

thank you ashlee for the pics.

when we were done eating we hit up a little thrift store and all seemed right with the world...

... when we got to the car i got p out of her stroller and then put our leftovers in the car as i was shutting the car door i saw p trying to get back in her stroller. THEN the stroller rolled away from her and p face planted on the curb! i ran to her and picked her up and saw a little cut on her below her lower lip. it was bleeding a little i got a wipe to clean it off. pen was beside herself. as i was wiping her up i realized that there was A LOT more blood inside her mouth than there was outside of it. i looked closer and realized that she'd cut all the way through her lip. i FREAKED. i cuddled her for a minute...both of us bawling. i realized that i needed to get her stitched up quickly. i strapped her in her seat and remembered that i'd done some research on some pediatricians, i hadn't picked one yet, but i had their phone numbers in my notebook.i called the first number. it was a machine... i selected the schedule and appointment option...another machine. i hung up. i called the next number and i got another machine. i was panicking at this point. i selected one option and bam a person picked up. she directed me to their urgent care facility downtown. i ru
shed over there, but there wasn't any parking... nearby. i parked at a metered spot 3 blocks away. i put my 2 dimes in the meter (all the change i had.) and RAN to the building. once we got there things went really fast. the people were super nice and i am 100% sure that didn't have anything to do with the fact that i was crying more than penelope. when we were waiting for the doctor to come in p kept asking if we could go. i felt so bad for her. the big eyed doctor with a pony tail came in and introduced himself using his 1st name rather than dr. so and so ( i like it when they do that, it makes them more personable.) p freaked and i had to hold her down for the dr. to check out the wound. yep she needed stitches. so we waited another few minutes and p kept asking to leave and i had to keep saying in a bit we will leave sweetie. they made me leave while they strapped her to a board, papoose style. the
y whole time i kept wishing i could switch spots with her. i was escorted out of the procedure room, out of the lobby & out of the building by a nice nurse. he told me about the time his little boy broke his leg and how it was super hard. it felt like forever waiting and waiting. FINALLY i was allowed in and they told me she did a great job! penelope is a champ. i got to my car almost 2 hours after the initial fall....way faster than an emergency room would have been. if you were wondering if i got a parking ticket the answer is YES! but we had made it, penelope and i had both made it through our 1st emergency. she fell asleep on the way home. so i took the long way (not really by choice...rush hour.)

now p is doing well, her lip is fat and she talks funny because of it, but hopefully all will go well and she will feel like a new woman next week (for disneyland.)



  1. oh, i'm so sorry you and penelope had to go through that! i've had similar experiences with a couple of my children, and it's always super hard, and i always cry! praying for a quick recovery for your little girl. lora

  2. Poor baby, and poor mom!! Those are hard times, but it sounds like you handled it perfectly!!

  3. oh how scary! i have yet to handle an emergency completely on my own, and i don't know how i'll do! when my boys get hurt i am afraid to see how bad it is, it freaks me out. sounds like she did so well- thank goodness it's over!

  4. I can't wait to kiss her little face all better!!

  5. of course you got a ticket! they are so on top of it here. it drives me crazy!


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