Saturday, January 8, 2011

penelope's snow hat

we just got back on thursday night from our holiday vacation. we had a wonderful 2 weeks with our family back in utah and spent another couple of days in Las Vegas for CES, a conference bryan was attending. my holiday photo dump and recap is on its way! i just have so much to sort through and my little family & i have been feeling a little under the weather. i am sorry i am so far behind...

i did want to share this little cutie with you. 

did you know that it's cold in utah? i should have, but i forgot to pack a winter hat for p...eeek! so, i made her one in the first couple of days we were in utah. here she is:

i know, i know i didn't need to put this many pictures just to show a hat, but i think p just looks TOO cute in it.


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  1. she's so beautiful!! i love that third photo with the rays of light. :)
    awesome hat, by the way! (i've been wearing the blue one you made me a lot these days) - check out this post to see:
    blessings, lora


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