Monday, January 10, 2011

christmas recap

on our holiday we:

drove 11 hours to UT
found out that we really ARE having a baby girl
went bowling X 2
played games
built a mini sail boat (bryan)
ate way too much
played wii
picked out some projects to make for baby (emily)
got spoiled
got sick
went sledding
took family pictures X 2
watched some great flicks
had snowball fights
sat on santa's lap(bryan & penelope)
had a visit from santa
unwrapped presents
got too many very generous gifts (thank you!)
played with doggies (p)
dressed like a princess (p)
went to family christmas parties
played Mary in the nativity (p)
fell asleep on bryan's head (p)
took a blogging hiatus (emily)
crocheted a hat and a yellow pair of baby booties (emily)
took a hiatus from sketching cell phones (bryan)
collected the baby jesus figures from all of the nativities at grandma & grandpa white's
slept in
enjoyed the mountains
went to some of our favorite utah eats(e.i. gandolfo's, pier 49, nicoitalia and spark)
went to an electronics conference
visited the las vegas strip
saw a slightly skanky Treasure Island show and a SWEET Mirage fire show.
shopped (p +e...sorry you missed this one b)

here is the photo dump. 

here she is

graham and penelope with grandpa sparks

penelope with grandma sparks! STRIKE!

the above 4 photos are courtesy of stephanie and kirk hilton...thanks guys.

christmas morning

christmas eve gaming

bryan the builder...with his little helper


the white family pictures
i don't have the proofs for the sparks' pictures, but they were cute too

"joseph is so immature," thought mary.

at the white family party. yes pen DID fall asleep on bryan's head ??

penelope was very drawn to the baby jesus figures in grandma white's nativity sets



in vegas. bryan saw a lot of great 3D technology and i tried to be a hot car

we have had such a great holiday season this year! thank you to all our friends and family who welcomed us into their homes and spent this special time of year with us. much love... xoxo!


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