Saturday, January 15, 2011

happy new year! 2011

my new years post is a little late, i know, but i still wanted to remince on last year. look to the future and share some goals with you.

here is a list of goals i am working towards this year:

goal 1:
eat healthier (more vegtables) & try 1 new meal a week
goal 2:
run a 1/2 marathon (after baby sparks has arrived...i am thinking october)
goal 3:
read the Book of Mormon (i used to be really good about reading the book of mormon in its entirety each year...but i haven't been so great at it the last few years.)
goal 4:
be more kind
goal 5:
help penelope get more interested in numbers and letters

i would say i am a big goal setter. i get excited about setting goals and achieving them. sometimes most of the time things don't pan out the way i planned, but i still grow on the journey.

whoa 2010 was a whirlwind for me. it was a good year! we had a lot of change in the sparks home. here are some memories:

bryan graduated and got a grown-up job (his graduation ceremony was the last to take place in the provo tabernacle :(.

we moved to san diego and hit the beach

penelope turned 2, had her 1st stitches & was potty trained

emily made stuff
we had some great family adventures including the san diego zoo, the wild animal park, sea world, disney land,  l.a. sites, museuams & yummy restaurants

we had some amazing visitors! thanks guys.

emily sparks: handmade was in a number of craft fairs in California and Utah

we visited utah for mission returns and weddings

we sold the audi and got new wheels

penelope was a pirate

we found out we were expecting baby sparks #2
we had some fun dinner parties
we hosted our first thanksgiving dinner   

we had a white christmas with family & friends in ut.

there was 2010 in a nutshell. 
bring on 2011.

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  1. i so love the juno-esque pregnancy announcement. you're a genius :)


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