Thursday, January 20, 2011

baking goals

i am definietly a person who likes setting goals. i have a goal to become a better baker. for christmas i got Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Everyday, my brother has been baking delicious pizza, breads and other baked goods using this book and a couple of others. i decided that i wanted to give GOOD bread making a shot.

yesterday i made pizza for the fam using the neopolitan pizza dough recipe from this book and we loved it. it was miraculous, i didn't know homemade pizza could be so good. i didn't get a picture, but i am planning on making pizza again on monday for some visitors we have coming over. i also am hoping to make a ciabatta for sunday. wish me luck!

another baking goal is to make french macarons. i think these little cookies are adorable and i would really like to try my hand at them. i am hoping to do that this weekend, i will keep you posted. i am hoping that i might be able to make them for a baby shower coming the theme colors of course!


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  1. Your blog design is super cute! ...and I think those look like truly delicious goals. Mmmmm.


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