Tuesday, October 12, 2010

queen bee buzz

hey party people, how has your week been so far? mine has been good...our new car is having a few services done to it... so yesterday and today have been carless. i really hate it when i don't have a way to get around. we had planned on going to the zoo today, but i think i'll push it to thursday...bummed. the up side of this situation is that it has gotten me working more. i started penelope's halloween costume and i'm stocking up for my holiday season.

remember the queen bee market that i took part in this past spring?? well, they are doing a holiday show and i'm all over it. it is ONE MONTH AWAY. i am a little sad, but i think this will be the only holiday show that i am going to be a part of. i love doing shows, but they do cause stress. i am trying to simplify things in my life and i am hoping internet sales will compensate for fewer shows. ANYWAY, i hope you make it a point to get to the beautiful del mar hilton for this show, 'cause it's going to be rad. i will be doing a giveaway on their blog in a few weeks! i will let you know when that happens, so you can enter.
p.s. i AM working on a few new items for this winter and i will hopefully unveil them next week. yay! it is a little hard to work on warm knits when you live in a place like san diego, but i am doing my best. xoxo.


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  1. Can't wait for the market, woo!!!! And can't wait to see your new goodies! :) xoxox Holly


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