Monday, October 4, 2010


penelope and i did our first halloween project. we checked out the book georgie from the library and penelope really liked it. it is about a little ghost named georgie. i remember reading this book when i was a little person...i think they may have had some animated georgie cartoons too?!?

i decided we could make some ghosts of our own to haunt our house until halloween is past. p had tons of fun stuffing and painting her ghosts and i had fun sewing them together. they are sitting pretty on my bookshelf in the front room. i may hang them above the table, but i'm still deciding.

do you have a favorite halloween book?



  1. How cute, I remember making those in school.

    Don't have any favorite halloween books, but love the idea of dress up and sweet treats. ;)

  2. Ah! I remember that book, and I loved it, too. I loved how it was all in blue and white.

    You're a clever girl, and your little p is so lucky to have a mom who does fun, crafy things with her!!

  3. very cute! I will have to check that book out.


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