Monday, October 11, 2010

dinner and a show for a good cause

on saturday i went to a benefit concert thrown by april meeker. she was helping out a family in utah whose father died, leaving a wife with 5 kids. i was excited to be able to help out AND have a great girls night out with 2 friends ashlee and tira. ashlee invited us and i am SO glad i was able to make it.

april did a great job at organizing this. she was great at delegating and had a lot of friends helping her out. i met april at the first spark event. i was happy to get to see her again, because i think she is super cool. all seemed to work out well and it was such a great night for this event.

the dinner was yummy! the decor was and the music was to die for.

mindy gledhill came to perform. it was perfect. i haven't ever listened to her music, but i'd definitely heard buzz about her tunes. i loved it. she is such a cute lady with stunning voice and touching lyrics. i am a fan. she was so generous to make the trip out for this cause.

there was a raffle and i won a very cute headband. i never win anything, so that was exciting.

thank you april for organizing this, i hope it was profitable. thanks to my friends for getting me and my granny-self out of the house for a little fun.



  1. it was so fun! so glad i got to be there with you guys!

  2. I love Mindy Gledhill! I am super jealous. I would love to see her sing in person. Glad you finally made it to the zoo too.

  3. What a small world! I met April just the other week at Spark!
    Looked like a really nice evening :) :)


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