Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new makeup bag and what i put in it...

i bought this heather bailey oil cloth a few months back and i was glad to get a bit of time to make this new makeup bag. my old makeup/skincare bag was too small and i think i got it free from clinique back in high school... so it was time for us to part ways. i used the pattern from heather ross' weekend sewing. i am glad i am keeping it, because i made a number of mistakes, but i love the size and the fabric enough to make up for some sewing errors.

on most days i don't wear makeup. on most days i just use my moisturizer and lip balm as needed. once or twice a week i do use makeup and here are my favorite items to use.
Almay pure blends foundation.
this foundation is super lightweight, 97.4% natural and has 20 SPF. i really don't like wearing foundation, but my skin tone is far from perfect. this product does a great job at evening skin tone without being too heavy. i even like the smell...

L'Occitane lip and cheek stain in berry.
i bought my stain probably 5 + years ago and i am still powering through the same pot. i couldn't find the actual product i have in stores, because i bought it in france...5 years ago, but it's in a little glass pot and it is extremely intense. i am sure you could find a good equivilent. i just rub a tiny dot into my cheeks and sometimes my lips. i love the rosey glow it gives me. love the stuff.

say yes to carrots, C me shine in flirty pink.
this lip gloss feels so good. the color is light, so it is great for everyday. it looks natural and gives your lips a shine boost.

maybelline great lash mascara.
cheep, perfect, enough said.

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