Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the LA science center

we went up to LA for a day last week. bryan had to do some work up there and penelope and i decided to tag along. it was a good day. we hit up the LA science center. penelope LOVED that and so did her dad.

we hit up sprinkles (did you know that one is opening up in La Jolla in mid Nov.?!?!) bryan and i both really liked it. we'd heard mixed reviews, but it is much better than any cupcakes i've had in SD.

we went to a little thai place called ruen pair thai. it was DELISH. we love thai curry, and they didn't have many curry options, but the one curry we got was simply amazing. i would recommend this place to any thai lover in the LA area. it was great to have a little family adventure before bryan's depart for china.

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