Thursday, September 30, 2010

things i would like to try

all day today i've felt like it was friday. it was a little bit of a bummer that it's only thursday, but i'm cool. today it rained. rain makes me happy. i don't want it to rain all the time, but i think today's rain was much needed, it cooled us off and made me feel a bit like fall.

i've been pretty lazy, i think i mentioned that in my last post, but i'm going to try to jump start some projects this weekend. i just need to get my tush to a fabric store.

here are some things i want to do:

grossgrain fabulous made this dress for one of her frock-by-friday projects. i bought the pattern, but i never got the fabric to make it. i would love a couple of these super simple dresses for my fall wardrobe.

this little number is in the latest lmnop fashion extra and i love it! i want to make the dress and necklace for p.

this is a semi-new restaurant in san diego called SOHO. i REALLY want to get a babysitter and have bryan to take me here. maybe before his trip to china. it looks very affordable, Delicious (reading the menu makes my mouth water) and slightly like my favorite restaurant, spark...i have been seriously craving spark and i don't know that i can wait until Christmas time! yikes. maybe this place will fill the void.

also, i think i may make cinnamon rolls for the weekend. general conference is this weekend and i am super stoked for down time with my two fravorites, getting to listen to the leaders of our church while they spiritually feed us. cinnamon rolls will definitely add to the feeding of course:).

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  1. Ha! I've been planning to make cinnamon rolls too for Conference weekend...i can't wait.

    I think I'm going to have to buy that pattern, I love Kathleen's work!!


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