Friday, September 24, 2010

yummy oatmeal bread and an update

hey guys! i bet you thought i fell off the side of the earth?!? nope. i am still here. i have been a bit lazy. here's a little update.

1. our health has gotten much better. bryan missed a few days of work last week, but we're back to our regular day to day this week. it feels great!

2. last week i made this honey oatmeal bread. it makes the best toast...and since we were living off of toast last week i thought this would hit the spot...and it did! i remember my parents making this delicious bread when i lived at home. my dad makes it with molasses instead of honey, both are great.

3. justin and anna came and stayed with us this weekend. we went to sea world, visited and ate delicious carne asada fries. joshua and penelope were the cutest. they had so much fun together, they really partied hard and at night they giggled so late that we had to seperate them. it was fun to see them play so well together.

4. p is a total potty star. she's practically going all on her own all day long. it is great! sometimes i need to remind her to go, but most of the time it is all her. when i leave the house i have been putting her in pull ups, but my goal is to take her in her underwear on a couple of errands this week...

3. yesterday was the hottest day EVER. i thought we might die. we went to to the beach, which was nice. while we were gone our un-air conditioned house turned into a furnace. i am guessing it was in the high 90s inside. yikes. we were supposed to have the missionaries over to eat and i was going to make fajitas, but i got stuck behind a massive accident for like an hour and couldn't get home in time to make dinner. we took the elders to in and least it is air conditioned.

4. today we ate lemongrass Asian barbecue for lunch today at UCSD. it was AMAZING. every tuesday they have a little vendor fair and bryan likes to go with his co-workers to score this delicious dish. now it is ALL i can think about. must. go. next. week.



  1. Sorry you guys were feeling under the weather. Glad all is back to normanl. Also gald to hear you have conquered the potty training thing. Yeah Penny. Love you guys

  2. So the bread looks delicious... anyway you could post the recipe? I love your blog by the by.
    katie tata christensen


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