Wednesday, September 8, 2010

quilt love

i have been really into quilts lately. a week or so ago i went to the quilt museum with tira and it got me even more excited about quilting. i don't plan to become a master quilter or anything, but i think it would be fun to piece a few art quilts in addition to the one i am currently building for penelope (pictures to come.)

here is some quilt inspiration that i have found on the world wide web. lovely.

a collection of mini quilts from whip up's book on mini quilts
quilt found on etsy by pieced by kendra

purl bee always has great quilting inspiration

these were in the collection for whip up by meg at elsie marley


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  1. maybe we need to start a quilt club in addition to crochet club...even if we are the only members.


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