Monday, September 20, 2010

this weekend and a banner for p

on friday i threw together this little hanging that i'm going to put above p's bed. i think it will look cute once it's all finished.

we've been having a bad stretch here at the sparks' house. some stuff is not for sharing at this point. is addition to some sad stuff, we all managed to get terribly ill. let me just say that all of us have the stomach flu and it is very good we have two bathrooms. bryan is taking today off to rest and be sick. i feel bad, because his new boss' first day is today and it isn't the best day for him to miss. penelope is currently being babysat by the tv. we are hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

tomorrow i will pick a winner for my giveaway, so enter if you haven't already.



  1. SO sorry you have been ill. I hope things start looking up for you guys!! {HUGS}!!!

  2. sorry you have been having a rough time. but your penelope banner is darling!

  3. i'll be praying for y'all to feel better very soon. so sorry you've been sick!

  4. It's been forever since I last commented or anything. You are so creative and I love all of the stuff you are making1 I hope you get feeling been soon.

  5. Uhm, is that knit? And how did you do it? That is AMAZING. I love it.


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