Monday, May 17, 2010

we are on our way back to the beehive

tomorrow we (P & I) are leaving for the beehive state for 3 weeks. there are a few reasons for this trip, the # 1 being this guy!

my little brother philip will be returning from a two year mission in stokholm sweden aaand he will be back on the 28th! i seriously can't tell you how excited i am about seeing him and hearing all of his amazing stories from the last 2 years. phil is the coolest guy!

this is what penelope looked like when he left.. AHHHHH!

#2 seems that timpview high school has found this kid OK to graduate, so i think we'll hit that up. zach is also super cool, maybe less cool than phil... ANYWAY, he was the senior class vp and is going to BYU next year. rock on zach & be excellent to each other...


reason # 3 bryan's mom had made quilt tops for all of her kiddos, but had not gotten the chance to bind & tie them before she passed away. Tami & i & hopefully bryan's sister's will finish them up. i think it will be very special to have something christy made in our home.

reason #4 the bijou market...whoot whoot! come on out on june 5th in orem, ut!

reason #5 to play and visit with cool people...i really don't need another reason. hopefully i can still get some work done...for the renegade.

i will be out of the office ( apartment,) but i still plan to blog. it may be few & far between though. thanks for the patience, xoxo.



  1. WE are excited to see you and that cwazy Sweedish speaking Elder.

  2. Have an awesome road trip!!!!!!

  3. Be safe, and CAN'T WAIT to see you!!! (and Phil...)

  4. Have fun! I'll have to make it down to Utah one time that you are on a trip out. I would love to meet your two sweeties:)


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