Tuesday, May 25, 2010

thinking about

i have a bunch af new pics and stories to share about our visit to utah thus far, but i can't seem to get the pictures off my little seester's point and shoot that i borrowed in lieu of my forgetting my own camera (grrrr...this fact won't surprise those of you who know me. i ALWAYS FORGET THAT THING.) until i can share my personal stuff, i will show the things i am loving &/or lusting after these days.
i kind of want to recover my couch with yellow checks. i recently found this bantam couch onf design within reach & i am sort of obsessed with this couch. the good thing is that my couch looks a bit like it. we recently replaced the feet on our couch with a skinnier style... not as skinny as the ones on this couch (bryan said they wouldn't look good, because they would be too skinny for the couch and now i am shaking my fist at him.)

isn't this a lovely pouf? i would like to make a couple for sitting on in my front room...or maybe one for p's room....hmmm. find the tutorial here on design sponge.

i've been thinking about buying & i have decided that i may not be able to live without one. i have really been wanting to work with instant film lately. this fuji film instax camera can be found here.

i dont' know if anyone else is obsessed with jcrew's crewcuts, but i think they are so sweet. i may try my hand at making a dress similar to this for p.

more cute crew cuts looks.



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