Friday, May 21, 2010

summer treats

here are 2 cold treats i heart and i will surely be buying them plenty through out the summer months. i would buy them right now, but utah has no access to these yummy things :(!

1 it's it
these delicious ice cream sandwiches are available in most california grocery stores. they use oatmeal cookies to make an ice cream sandwich using vanilla or mint chip ice cream & then they dip the whole thing in chocolate. i LOVE these. they have such a great mixture of flavors & give me a much needed chocolate fix

2 fruit frenzy bars from trader joe's
these are so tasty. they are frozen fruit bars with raspberry, lemon & strawberry layers. i can't get enough of these...i always buy 2 boxes when i get them. mmmm.



  1. I love that you always have new finds for me! I have not tried either of these...Thanks for the tips! And tell P we say hello!

  2. Y'know I got one of those fuji cameras years ago as a gift and thought it was so silly to have such tiny polaroids. Now I want it again! They're so cute, even if they are sort of pointless.
    Cute blog!

  3. mmm ice cream truck come soon


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