Monday, May 3, 2010

mother's day giveaway


hey all!
i am excited about mothers' day...super excited. sooo in celebration i am giving away a 3 strand blooming headband in a color of your choosing (peacock-pictured, slate grey, violet, eggplant, coral, pomegranate-pictured, yellow, yellow-orange-pictured, turquoise, brown or lemongrass.) all you need to do is write something you love about your mom, grandmother, daughter...really any mother figure in your life AND tell me what color headband you would pick...ALSO make sure i have your email address to inform you if you win!

the winner will be chosen randomly on friday at 10:00 am pacific time.

i guess it would be unfair for me to ask you your favorite things about your mom and not share my favorite things about my mom. my mom is so determined, if she sets her mind to do something IT IS DONE, she is a great cook and a great person to talk to. love you mom!


ps feel free to spread the word :)!



  1. I love these! Very cute. I think I'd want the eggplant or the pomegranate one. My mom puts up with all of my silliness and is a great example to me of pursuing dreams and talents while balancing motherhood at the same time.

  2. My mom is a hero. She is a kindergarten teacher and her drive and determination to make sure every child succeeds is overwhelming. She loves her job and makes sure all of her kids love learning.
    I love the pomegranate color.

  3. the thing i love most about my mom is she knows when she needs to be there and comfort us. she really made our childhood fun and memorable and continues to do so for her grand kids. the color choice is hard. eggplant or turq or maybe even yellow. they are sound purrty.

    im spunkidoodle over at gmail.

  4. I just popped in because I bought one of your beautiful bow clippies for my daughter at the Queen Bee Market Saturday. She has now worn it three days straight with no end in sight.

    One of my favorite things about my mom is her laugh. We used to locate her in the after-church shuffle by listening for her laugh.

    I love the peacock headband! I think I might follow my daughter's lead and wear it every single day if I were to score one!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE these headbands!!!! :) My favorite thing about my mom is that she always was creating something.. and still is! When I was little, something was always being painted, sewn, crafted, etc. I grew up feeling a huge amount of creativity pulsing through our home, and I loved it. :)

    Since I already have the slate color, I am going to choose the eggplant as my next favorite color!! Thanks for offering this fun giveaway!

    xoxox Holly

  6. Aahh! Those are a-ma-zing! I LOVE the pomegranate color, but lemongrass sounds very interesting too...
    As for my darling mom, the list could go on forever, but if I just have to pick one I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that my mom has never let go of her inner kid! She can make the most mundane activity fun, creates everyday and is always open to new ideas/things/people! (ok so maybe that turned into like 3, but hey, I love my mom!)
    Thanks, and hope you have a great mother's day too!

  7. My mama is definitely more of the teal one, ooh, but the corral is so pretty too!

    I love that my mom taught me to appreciate the arts, culture, cooking and most of all compassion toward others.

    Happy Mother's Day to all the great mama's out there.

  8. My mom is a wealth of knowledge! I love that about her. And she cooks like a dream.
    Teal or corral would be my choice.
    I love your stuff Emily White Sparks.

  9. I would love any of them!!! My favorite thing about my mom is that she's hilarious. She is still the life of the party when we hang out and always telling jokes and laughing with all us youngins! I love that lady!!!

  10. Hmmm....I'm not sure about the color. But I'd second what you say about Mom's determination and focus. But about Anna, :), I'd say that I love that I can just talk to her about pretty much anything, which for me is really great. And she really cares about people, something that keeps getting more pronounced all the time.

    I just love how creative and fun your stuff is, Emily!

  11. I love these headbands. I would like slate grey. My favorite thing about my mom is that I can talk to her about anything and she inspires me to be creative.

  12. I love your headbands! I don't have a favorite! I love the grey.. and the yellow, and the coral..

    My favorite thing about my mom is her laugh! She has an amazing laugh, and has also taught me how to be a creative mommy!


  13. What don't I love about my mom!?! She is my best friend! Her faith, creativity, compassion for others, and energy are inspiring! She is always willing to help out, offer advice, listen to me vent, drive through for the perfect route 44 diet dr pepper (sonic lovers!), or just about anything else I need....she is the person I call for anything and everything. She is beautiful inside and out; she is a devoted wife, mother, and friend. I am truly blessed!!!! Oh, almost forgot - I would love an eggplant, pomegranate, or peacock headband!! Absolutely love em!!!!

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  15. what adorable head bands and such a fun way to host a giveaway.

    I'm inspired by how strong my mom is. She always puts us kids first, no matter how she is feeling or what else is going on in her life.

    I would choose slate gray :)

  16. how lovely!
    hum... my mom is sweet, cares for others, always knows that God has a purpose in the little details in life.

    difficult color choice... but i would say violet :)

  17. eeekk... forgot the email -

  18. They are so cute! I love the peacock one!

    My mom is wicked smart. And a great listener. And a great lady. I can count on my mom for anything.


  19. What do I not love about my mom?! She's my very best friend, she has a heart of gold, and she's the most generous woman I know.

  20. What a great giveaway! I'd love to win a headband in eggplant, pomegranate, or yellow! They are all so cute!

    I love my Mom SO much! She is so crafty and can sew anything! She is one of the best people I know and is truly a GOOD person. She loves children and loves to take care of other people. She has many adopted grandkids and most of my friends call her Mom. I hope I can be half as good of a mother as she is. : )


  21. hooray!
    one of the many things i love about my mom is how she's always there for me. and, i think like many of us can say, there is just something about her that comforts. her smell, her voice, things that are purely hers and have soothed me since infancy. there's nothing like your mother, and thinking of that makes me humbled to be one myself.

    (oh, and i think lemongrass sounds so pretty!)

  22. My mom is amazing! She calls me every morning just to say good morning so we can both start our day off with a smile. She makes sure I start my day with a smile and reminds me to be happy for all the wonderful things I have (was especially nice right after having my baby).
    ahshabahsha at gmail dot com
    I love the coral :)

  23. My mom is the greatest! She always goes above and beyond any expectations she sets for herself. She works so hard to make sure things are 10 times better than imagined. I love my mom and the example she sets for me!

    Love the headbands!

  24. Hi! totally in love with your headbands!
    My mom is the sweetest person and I really want to be like her... I try to be... she's a very good example for my children, too!
    thank you so much for the chance :))

  25. I love how religiously strong my mom is. It may annoy me sometimes, but seeing her faith makes me want to do and be better.
    Also, she is always thinking of others, and doing things for other people in the neighborhood. I don't know how she does everything that she does, but she just keeps on serving everyday.

    I would choose eggplant.

  26. What I love about my mom is her selflessness (I hope that's a word). She would and does anything for anyone. I also love that I can talk to her about pretty much everything and she's always there to listen. She even listens to me babble on and on when I haven't been able to talk to another adult all day.

    I love my mom!

    p.s. I would choose pomegranate (i think, they're all beautiful)!

  27. i love my mom! she is the best in the world!
    i love her smile, her caresses, her voice, her art.

    ps.i found your blog last days and i love your work! i looove your headband! my fav is pomegranate!

    my email:

    crossing my finger...
    Eleonora from Italy

  28. I love everything you make. Pomegranate. I love the relationship that my mom has with my kids. It is priceless. I am so blessed to have my mom and mother in law close by.

  29. Oh don't make me choose...they are all fabulous! The peacock is fun...I love that my mom gets younger the older she gets!

  30. Hello! Great giveaway!
    I love how my mom is always on my side and how she can see the "big picture" in life.

    eggplant...please! :)

  31. My mom is always on my side. Without fail. And she always wants to talk to me on the phone. And she makes me feel incredibly loved, understood, valued and accepted. Thanks mom.


    ps. as far as color goes...lemongrass is my color of the moment. Perfect!

  32. Beautiful!!! I think the slate gray would be awesome!
    I love my mother-in-law because she has the biggest capacity to love so many people unconditionally. She is amazing and treats me just like her daughter no in-law attached ;)

  33. I saw your display at the beehive bazaar this afternoon and my wife slipped your business card in my pocket. A more subtle hint has never been given.

    What I love about my wife is her creativity. She can make anything fun and anything lovely.

    (she likes yellow)


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