Thursday, May 13, 2010

felt rosette clip diy

here is a little DIY i did with my Young Women's group.

you need:

wool felt (i bought green & mustard yellow for demo)
alligator clip
glue gun

step 1: cut 1 piece of felt 1" wide & 18" long.

step 2: tie a knot at one end of the strip

step 3: fold the strip in half

step 4: tuck the end piece of the knot under and start wrapping the folded in half strip around the knot.

*as you work around twist your strip around every now and then.
** also, keep your rosette TIGHT as you wrap it.

step 5: when you have finished with the rosette, tack the end piece under with a bit of hot glue.

step 6: cut leaves-i usually cut one piece that has 2 leaves.

step 7: cut a slit in the leaves, open the mouth of your clip & stick the bottom of the clip in the slit. this will make it so that the clip top and the pinchers are on top of your clip and the bottom of the clip is hidden.

i messed up and did 2 separate leaves for this, but you can cut them both with 1 piece.

step 8: hot glue the rosette onto the bottom of the leaves & clip.

ahh, cute!
the end



  1. Cute, but for some reason, thinking about twisting the felt gives me the heebie-jeebies!

  2. so cute!
    I bought 3 of your cute crochet bows from beehive and I love them!
    Maybe I'll see you at bijou, I will be a vendor there too!


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