Monday, June 25, 2012

oh, hi.
i feel like i haven't posted in a really long time... i am going to remedy that. a lot has happened since we've arrived in redmond and we have had a very fun, stressful & soggy time.

here is a little update on our current situation. we are living in corporate housing (which has been a blessing, but we are living out of suitcases and that is getting old). when we left california we hadn't decided if we would be renting or take the plunge and buy a place. we spent exhaustive amounts of time with a realtor looking for homes AND looking at apartment rentals. a month ago we  put an offer on a house and it was accepted! we are closing on our house next week. it all feels a bit halfway. i haven't ever bought a house, but there are so many steps and it takes a long time! i think i am still in denial that this is actually happening and that is why i haven't written about it up until now. BAM. i feel so blessed right now thinking of how much bryan's new job has really helped us out.

i will not overwhelm you (well i guess if you are easily whelmed, you might get overwhelmed, but it won't be my fault.) with pictures and updates. we will take it slow, but this week i hope to post some of our washington adventures up to now. GO!

we went to pike place market in seattle the fist weekend we were here.

 Beecher's handmade cheese is a must if you are at pike place. their cheeses are made fresh in house and you can even watch them make it (refer to image above). their mac and cheese and their sandwiches are amazing.

 these little donuts from Daily Dozen Donuts are really tasty, ESPECIALLY if you can get a fresh baked batch. this is another one that is fun for the kids, because they can watch them be made. we bought a dozen and snacked on them as we walked around the market.
you might know that they throw fish here. it's cool. the guy in this picture just threw one, but you can't really tell. let me just tell you this, the fish here is great. you should come and try it sometime. maybe we could hang out?
 pike place can have a bit of a circus-y feel if you go down to the lower levels. penelope is checking out the tallest man in the world's picture, but i wouldn't shell out 25 cents to look at his shoes. i'm cheap, what else can i say?
 they have gorgeous flowers and delicious fruit as well.


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  1. Hooray for Seattle! Hooray for a real house! That's big enough for me to come visit!!! :)


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