Thursday, May 31, 2012

road trip

now that we've been here (the great northwest) almost a month i thought i might get my lazy backside into shape and post some pictures from our drive up. it's been a while and my memories are already fading, so NOW is the time.

penelope is ready for the trip! she doesn't know what she's in for at this point..... driving and driving and driving some more.

our first stop was in san fran! i've never been, so i was excited to get to stay there. i loved walking around the city. i definitely want to go back for a more extended stay. but for now i am glad to say i've been there. 

in san francisco riding a trolly.
we went to the musee mechanique. it. was. SWEET.
bryan lost. 
this guy predicted our future.
some asian guy took about a hundred pictures of bryan and penelope (they are cute, so i can't blame him). he got his favorite shot of them playing this game. 

alcatraz is behind them in this shot. penelope was a little disturbed about the idea of a jail and wanted to "get the guys out of that jail." 
pier 39
driving and driving and driving....
the redwood forest was awe inspiring. i could not believe how enormous these trees are. we hiked a couple of trails and drove extremely scenic roads. we decided that we need to make a repeat visit, rent a little cabin and do more hiking. 

our hot ride.
she's such a tree hugger.
we drove along the oregon coast. there aren't many words to describe the feeling you get when you are surrounded by this much natural beauty. 

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  1. GORGEOUS PHOTOS!! That is some beautiful country, and I'm so glad you got to make that trip (well, I'm glad you appreciated it, maybe the driving part wasn't all that great...)!!

    I can't get over how amazing Penny's hair is. SO pretty!

    And glad you made it safely there!!


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