Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the EMP and seattle center

we made our way to the seattle center in hopes of going to the king tut exhibit at the pacific science center. the tickets were sold out to king tut, so we explored the area a bit and decided to check out the EMP. this is a museum about music, science fiction and pop culture. it is a completely radical building and the exhibits were so cool. they had a lot of interactive exhibits that penelope got into and bryan and i really liked the nirvana: taking punk to the masses exhibit.

we got to see a few Filipino bands play in the seattle center, then bryan and penelope got wet in the water feature. it was ridiculously cold, so i did not endorse this activity.

 we decided to park at the westlake center and take the monorail to the seattle center. it was fun to ride through downtown seattle. it also saved us money on parking.
 "yeah, but how did they land the ship up there?" asked penelope.
 the EMP
 this musical instrument sculpture actually plays is amazing.
 penelope getting sucked into...

 the water feature mentioned above.
they started out innocently watching
and that wasn't good enough.
 isla was smart and didn't take part in the drenching.
i guess she didn't get that wet.

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