Thursday, June 28, 2012

phil's visit Vol I

my brother phil came out to visit us last week. phil is getting married next week-wahoo! he thought it would be fun to have a single adventure before he tied the knot. the joke was on him, however, because what he ended up with was a family vacation. this vacation consisted of naps, grocery shopping, the library, the playground and an earlier bedtime.

we did get a little fun accomplished. we went to the king tut exhibit and the pacific science center. we even got to hit up the IMAX movie about pharaohs. when i was little i was super into archeology and i LOVED reading anything about king tut that i could get my hands on, so this was a dream come true for me in some ways.

 she's in a real space, wait, it's a fake one for you to take pictures in.
 say cheese.
isla was really happy playing with this 3d bug puzzle toy until it started coming apart.

 we got to go in a butterfly house. there were so many butterflies. it was beautiful, also stressful, because isla almost trampled 3.

 butterflies eating
   and this is proof that i still fall for some of bryan's shinanigans. this picture was taken when i though i had a butterfly on my head. thanks bry.

 phil in the middle area of the science center.

 mother and baby sculpture
 this mask was on one of the mummies buried with king tut. i can't remember whose though...
 all the jewelry was breathtaking.
 this mini boat was in the tomb to take tut into the next life.
solid gold sandles baby! these were on king tut's feet along with the gold finger and toe covers

i took about 200 more pictures, but i decided to be somewhat selective. also, we totally thought we were going to get to see king tut himself. NO, there is no king tut in this exhibition. there are a lot of really amazing things that were buried with him.

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