Tuesday, June 26, 2012

snoqualmie falls and a children's museum

on the second weekend we were here we drove up to snoqualmie falls, try to say that 5 times fast...or just once. this is a really impressive waterfall with a lot of hiking, biking and walking trails, unfortunatly all of them we closed. we did get to view the fall from a couple of viewpoints and it was well worth the 30 min drive. we had a picnic there and enjoyed (sort of) a light misting from the fall. also, we ate ice cream and that is always worth mentioning.
after the falls we went to the snoqualmie railroad museum this was super fun for us all. bryan and i really liked checking out the vintage trains, penelope really liked getting on the trains and isla really liked the rocks.

i'm going to be honest with you, i can't remember when we went to the children's museum. it is important for me to blog right after an event or i will most likely not remember any of it. i did, however, take pictures and that reminded me that it DID happen. this is kidsquest in bellevue. we are hoping to get to the seattle children's museum this month and the one i like best will probably be frequented by this sparks family. i am trying to figure out good indoor activities for the littles. penelope and isla LOVED kidsquest and i think bryan was almost as entertained as the girls.

these little guys almost came home with us...penelope definitely bonded with them. little miss p would not leave the baby section, because they could not leave the baby section. there were tears involved.

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