Monday, August 1, 2011

some weekend pictures

how was your weekend? mine was a pretty good one. i got quite a lot done for the market on saturday, had a picnic dinner in the park with the fam and had a lovely sabbath day. also, isla slept an 8 1/2 hr stretch last night, so i am feeling pretty good. and now for some pictures. 

 this is a typical saturday morning. the girls get up before bryan and i are ready to get out of bed, so they hand out with us in bed while we may or may not be watching saturday morning cartoons.
 ps these little lace headbands will be sold at the queen bee market on saturday!
 ps this little hair clip will also be for sale on saturday. they are cute for babies, bigger girls and the older ladies (i like to wear them too.)
 "hi! i like to play with my tongue."
 "oh hi! i have the sweetest smile...and use it to manipulate my mother."
i have been craving black and white cookies ever since we left new york, so for 2 years....
i finally got around to making some and holy moly they were tasty. i used the recipe from Baked Explorations: classic American desserts reinvented. lately i've been checking books out from the library and trying out a few recipes/patterns before i take the plunge and buy the book. this is one book i will probably end up getting. the cookie dough called for lemon zest, which i did not have, so i didn't add it. i will definitely want to have that next time, but the cookie was still very good. i cut the cocoa powder in half for the chocolate frosting and i was glad i did, because it would have been too dark for my tastes. in NYC my favorite black and whites had buttercream frosting, which is NOT the traditional way. i think i will give buttercream frosting a shot next time. 

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