Friday, August 26, 2011

projects for my girlies

here are a few projects i've run across that i would enjoy doing for my girls. we will see which of them i have time for, but i think they all are worth sharing.

 from sew liberated found on pintrest via Stacey Gula Hooper

i love the rug (braided from old t-shirts) and the tent in this room(made from a hanging hula hoop.) what a great space for kids. i am not sure where the cute hanging tent will be located yet, but i really think it is magical and belongs in our house.

img source
penelope would totally be into this! i am sure we could find an old tv stand somewhere. it would need to be fairly small, but i think we could make it happen.

this must be made for  miss isla may before summer is over. we still have a few more months of summer weather, so i have time.
i have been wanting to make a chore chart for penelope, but i haven't been sure of what chores would be appropriate. i came across this chore chart and i fell in love. she already does most of the tasks listed, but this is a way she can get credit for doing them and feel proud of her accomplishments like making her bed, getting dressed, clearing her dishes, grooming and putting away her toys.
i really want to do this memory game for penelope with all my left over fabric scraps.  this one might end up under the christmas tree... with a fabric activity book for isla.

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