Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3 months old-oh my!

time is just flying by and isla may is three months old already. isla is such a sweet baby girl. we love having her in our family.

here are a few little thoughts on miss isla:

-this is probably the last month shot with her wearing a 0-3 mo. onsie. i thought she'd grow out of them sooner, but i think her growing has curbed a bit.

-she is still inconsistent with her sleeping. she usually sleeps through the night a couple of days a week, and the rest of the time she does wake up once. she also will put herself to sleep instead of being waked around or rocked...SWEET!

-she eats now every 3 hrs instead of every 2.

-isla has the sweetest smile and sometimes it even seems like she's laughing too. we see the smile when we blow on her face gently or smile at her, but we pretty much won't ever see it when the camera comes out...

-she likes repetitive sounds (like the dishwasher and the vacuum.)

-she likes to sit on your lap and look around. she is getting very good at holding her head up.

-her tongue is pretty much her favorite thing. she is always chewing on it or sticking it out....also, blowing bubbles with her mouth is equally as entertaining to her.

-she likes to be at home,  she is always more calm and happy at home... but, aren't we all?

-she still dislikes tummy time and we really don't even do it any more...

-p just loves little isla. she calls her my little isla girl or little isla may. when isla is sad, penelope gives her a toy or sings to her to try to calm her, it works about 1% of the time. isla likes penelope but when she's sad p does not cut it, she needs her mom or dad.

-we are taking isla's first trip to utah soon and hopefully she is as sweet for her grandparents, aunts and uncles as she is for us. also, we will be driving...pray for us. xoxo!


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  1. Hi Emily...long-time "lurker" here:) I have to comment, now, though. First of all, beautiful babies! My second is just a couple of weeks younger than Isla, and I must ask--how have you encouraged her to put herself to sleep? any real mom tips for me?
    It does go so fast, doesn't it? Thanks!


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