Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on my mind

i took the above pictures as product photos for these little headbands. she is just too cute.

here are things i'm thinking about:

1. why is isla regressing with her night-time sleep habits? it's frustrating
2. what does it take to get a baby to take a bottle? isla is refusing a bottle....and i am seeing date night dwindling away.
3. that pile of papers and receipts that need sorting...it needs immediate attention.
4. my work space needs sorting. and my home  in general needs a good sorting/throwing out day.
5. i loved going jogging this morning. why can't i remember that i love it more often?
6. i know i wasn't built for home schooling. i salute those mom's who choose to do it, and do it well. i know i will cry when p goes off to school, but i know that she will do better there than she would here. i, however, am going to attempt to do some preschooling from home this year. i am planning on having her go to preschool next year, so that she can have 1 year of structured preschool before kindergarten. my friend ashlee, who is a super home-schooling mom, has forwarded on a few preschool packets (links-here & here) that we will use along with our usual field trips (zoo, beach, aquarium, free museum Tuesdays, etc.) and crafting activities. if you have advice for me, send it my way. i am excited, but nervous that i will drop the ball...

now we're off to enjoy this lovely weather.


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  1. I love the last pictures. Nolan, my babe, is also regressing in sleep habits right now, it's just a phase. One of my friends, her baby wouldn't take a bottle if she was in the room. I feel like I'm getting more control of the chores and mess since making a chore chart for myself for the week. I also love going out for morning jogs, but am too tired to or just not motivated enough to get both kids into the stroller.


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