Monday, August 8, 2011

queen bee and other weekend happenings

we kicked off the weekend with a birthday dinner for bryan. he wanted apricot pork and rosemary fries. my pictured of those didn't quite turn out, but they were pretty tasty. bry is more of a pie guy, so i made him coconut cream pies, recipe from this book. it was my first try at making a cream pie from scratch and oh boy does it beat the boxed kind.

our saturday was pretty much consumed with queen bee, relaxing a bit, queen bee, eating, queen bee, zzzzzzzz! there were a lot of wonderful things to buy. i got more than i should have...too many good handmade items that i couldn't turn down. the fair was a success for my little shop and i am glad i did it.

here are a few pictures i took at the market:

misfit menegerie had so many cute mounted animal heads. we didn't get one, but i am definitely planning to once i figure out where to put it in the girls' room.

i was smitten by smitten furnishings, she had some amazing redone furniture. i wanted pretty much everything she had including this rain cloud pillow. love!

and i loved the sweet dresses from little wellies

 and here is my booth:

after we cleaned up we went and picked up some delicious soul food from bonnie jean's soul food. it is seriously good. we got their fried chicken with pecan glaze. bryan picked it and i am glad he did. i would recommend calling in your order here and taking it home...or almost anywhere else to enjoy.

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