Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tuesday with jess

we went out to the west village with jess yesterday. i have made it a goal of mine to find the best cupcake in NYC. i found a top 20 cupcakes in NYC online the other day and my beloved crumbs was 18th. the top 3 online are all in the west village! so, it was of the utmost importance that i go to the west village to visit magnolia bakery...#1! it was jam packed with cupcake lovers, i could hardly get penelope's stroller in. i understood what the rage was about very quickly...the cupckaes are amazing. i was able to find a free recipe online at food network, click here if you are interested in trying it out! i love is when chefs are confident enough in their product that they GIVE AWAY the recipe. i will definitely be making these when i return from the summer (i lack a lot of essential baking gear here.)

we also went to my beloved purl. i have been a reader of their blog for sometime and i was super excited to see their actual shop. it was beautiful. i picked up some yarn for some things i am working on for the shop. i have been working on some new scarves and things that i will unveil in a month or two...get excited.

on our way back we stopped by washington square, saw NYU and we shopped a tad at urban outfitters.

me and penelope at washington square

arch detail

the goods

for dinner bryan and i went to the barking dog, it is very close to where we live and we had heard good things about their food. we got wings and onion rings. bryan was craving the wings, he is definitely a wing man. the wings were good, but their onion rings were the BEST i've ever had. i am not a big onion ring fan, but i will definitely be getting those again.

it was a good day.


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